Dessert Catering coming to Kalamazoo

Great Scott will soon launch Dessert Catering in West Michigan

I never wanted an ice cream truck for dessert catering. I wanted an ice cream shop.

I’ve always wanted to have a place where people could come to find Great Scott; I wanted my own shop, a permanent place. Then I looked at the costs of setting up a literal shop and making an investment that size would mean leaving my day job. And I’m just not ready to do that yet.

An ice cream truck though? I might be able to make that work with the right plan!

In 2017 I was in Indianapolis for a long weekend and I saw a fantastic looking International Metro that had been restored and was being used as a catering truck for serving wine. I immediately fell in love with the look. Ever since then, I’ve held onto the idea of having an old food truck for wedding catering and banquets.

Maybe I could combine the two ideas – a “shop” in a truck! How could we expand our menu if we had a truck, I wondered. I knew it would be easy to sell our pops from a catering truck, but what else could we do with a mobile shop?

My mind kept coming back to retro ice cream parlors – sundaes and sodas and ice cream and floats! We’ve already begun experimenting with sodas infused with homemade syrups made with ingredients from Michigan growers. And we’ve tested them with our own great-tasting, locally sourced scoop ice-creams. Those two items make some amazing pairings.

We can’t wait to share them with you soon!

We’ll be posting updates on the progress of the food truck leading up to ice cream season. Be sure to follow our blog, Instagram, and Facebook channels for updates on dessert catering opportunities, which we’ll be offering to patrons in all of lower Michigan!


Received word Thursday that the equipment we purchased in January will be ready this week, a full three weeks sooner than expected! This is both exciting and somewhat troubling as now we need to find a home for it sooner than anticipated, but it’s a problem no one is going to complain about!

For you the new equipment will mean a change in a couple key pieces of what you’ve come to know from Great Scott Ice Cream. First change is going to be the shape of our pops. The new shape is going to be a bit taller, a little bit thicker and a little bit skinnier. Volume actually goes up just a bit, and it’s being redistributed to a new shape. Second change, no more misaligned or crooked sticks! Seems like something that would be easy to control, but I can assure you, it’s harder than it looks…

Beyond those two most noticeable changes, this equipment upgrade lets us get creative with multiple flavors and layers, which we’re pretty excited about. There are also a couple pieces that when in place should make things like chocolate covered so much easier to do than it was before.

Long story short, we’re super excited to get to play with this and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love what we come up with!

Soft Web Launch

I’ve taken the landing page off of the site and put it out for some folks to take a look into. Interested in knowing about any thoughts, and comments. We’re not set in stone, but we think we’ve got it pretty well set as we expect; at least until there is capital for someone to design the site.


Ice Cream Base

Right now we’re working diligently to be able to bring our Great Scott ice cream to markets this spring along with our Great Scott ice pops. There are a number of suppliers that will allow us to comply to the Michigan Department of Agriculture rules for dairy, but we’re finding there just aren’t a lot of suppliers of ice cream base free of added ingredients.

There are a couple solutions to this, one is short term and easy on the investment side but will limit the production capability. The other brings heavy investment costs, but will be able to support expansion many times over.

Regardless, we hang our hats on leaving preservatives and artificial ingredients out of our pops and ice cream! That means there won’t be any time where we are using a base with artificial ingredients and hoping no one notices.

We will have it right, or we won’t have it until we have it right!

Ninety Days and Counting

Spent some time reviewing the market schedules and we are 90 days from launch. Seems like it has been a long time coming, but in reality, it’s been only a little more than that since officially forming the company. My mind keeps wanting me to believe that the next 90 days are going to fly by, when in reality, they will be the same as any other 90 days ever. I’ll just have more to do than ever as well.

We’re going to be opening up a minimum of two market locations, possibly up to four if we can shore up some other agreements. Equipment is in process in Brazil. A commercial location has been identified and will be finalized in the next 7 to 10 days. Licensing and permits are nearly all in place. Point of sale has been determined. Basic suppliers have been identified.

It’s past the vision stage and into crafting reality. Buckle in, it’s going to be a GREAT ride.