Which one is your favorite?

All of our flavors can be found here. Below are a few of our staff favorites…

Mexican Hot Chocolate ice cream. The flavor combination is nice, I love the cinnamon and chocolate together.” – John

“I’m gonna go with Raspberry Basil. It’s a really unique flavor and you taste the fresh berries and basil.” – Kelsey

“It’s hard for me to say I have a favorite, but I’m a huge fan of the flavors on the fringe, so today that is Mango Chili… I love watching people try something they aren’t really sure about and finding out they love it.” – Ken

Balsamic Strawberry & Black Pepper. It’s unique and it’s an awesome flavor!” – Dad

“My favorite changes all the time, but when we make the Southern Peach Cobbler I have to grab one;  I love the flavor of the cinnamon and the peaches together. Mocha is great too and I’m not a coffee drinker.” – Mom

Strawberries & Cream. It is very creamy and each bite is a little bit different. Sometimes you get a lot of strawberry and other times you get more ice cream. It’s just a great combination.” – Mitch

“Because we keep making new flavors, I can’t really pick one. If I had to pick, my go to flavors are the Raspberry Basil and the Mango… or whatever the new ice cream is!” – Redly

“I like the Moroccan Blood Orange but blood orange is out of season most of our market season. It’s different, but not too different. It’s just not a flavor you find every day. I like it and I don’t need a reason!” – Tierra